Polyester does not contain cotton, T \ C containing about 25% of cotton cloth. CVC fabrics containing about 60% of cotton, cotton would not explain. The lower the amount of cotton with the easier pilling (plain fabric is generally easier than pique fabric pilling). The cotton fabric will not fluff ball, but the drawback is easily deformed and shrink, but also easy to wrinkle. General recommendations lapel T-shirt and T-shirt with CVC fabric pilling short time, it will not deform shrink.   Blank T-shirts flexibility, and slogans according to any pattern you need embroidered or printed on the needs of the majority used to make costumes, personalized T-shirts, couple T-shirts, advertising T-shirts, team LOGO, a symbol of personality organization pattern etc. The point is, what India want anything, at his own hobby. Because it is inexpensive advertising costs as low volume is very large, it is generally the costumes are based on the existing Blank T-shirt embroidered or printed on the company LOGO and advertising slogans.
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Blank T-shirts - Dongguan Sheng Ro Industrial Co., Ltd.Dongguan Sheng Ro Industrial Co., Ltd.   Dongguan Sheng Ro Industrial Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongguan Heng Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is engaged in heat transfer equipment, blank apparel, digital printing, gift processing, thermal transfer supplies and other production and sales, technology development professional company. Is the largest production capacity of Chinas earliest and most authoritative leadi...More>>
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